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I have known Jan for 6 to 7 years. She started as our property manager for a house we were renting. Jan has a no nonsense approach and she doesn’t take sides.  We quickly fell in love with Jan. When we were ready to purchase a home Jan was a natural choice as our real estate agent. Only problem is Jan was from the Northwest section of the state and we were looking in the Southeast section of the state. Turns out that wasn’t’ a problem for Jan at all. She took us to view 70+ houses. We decided on one home in particular and changed our mind at the 11th hour. Problem? Not for Jan. She continued to show us houses. Never once did we feel pressured to buy soon or settle. In fact, Jan throughout the nearly 6 months long process, encouraged us to continue to look for the perfect home. Her knowledge and advice was invaluable. We were truly blessed to have had Jan guidance. We will always consider Jan family.                                                                                     


M Ware of Colchester

Jan was fantastic to work with when my husband I were searching for our perfect house! She was incredibly knowledgeable and listened to what each of us wanted in a home. She was always optimistic but also realistic which was incredibly helpful, especially as we were first time home buyers. She walked us through the whole process from start to finish and we always felt like we were in great hands. Given the opportunity, we would be delighted to work with Jan again! 


-- M & S
Naugatuck M&S

Ms. Peluso is a great real estate agent.  I owned a unconventional home with in a neighborhood of very proper, normal houses.  Ms. Peluso sold it in record time at my requested price.  She found the perfect buyer, a nurse that wanted a first floor bedroom and two upstairs for her two children.  Jan staged the house perfectly and sold its merits to the buyer.  She handled all the paperwork immaculately and every one was delighted, especially me.


I give Ms. Peluso my highest recommendation for great advice, thoughtfulness, and salesmanship.

KK of Avon

KK of Avon
All moved in!! Still working on boxes but that will take time. I just wanted to thank you for your generous gift and all your help in finding my family our home. You are great at your job but I feel I’ve also made a new friend. 
Watertown - Nancy
We have spoken so many times you have been special to me and I trusted you and knew you were being truthful.  That counts so much in this world today.  Thank you for going out of your way to help us.  G&W should be proud to have you -  you are such a sweet understanding person and to think we never met in person!  How do I start out to thank you for all you have done for us? I think back to when Jim called and we told you our problem, we had four rentals one was trashed so bad you took over and you fixed the trashed one and did you ever.  You kept us informed all the way.  You also kept all four rented all these years.  Then we wanted to sell and you did that also.  Every step has been professional.  Because of health problems we were unable to come to Connecticut.  We could not have made it without you.
James and Judy of Tennessee
Thank you for all your assistance with our rental condo.  Without your high level of professional support we would not be able to continue in owning our rental property.  
Tom and Jan of California
Thank you for all your help through this big step in our lives. We are very appreciative for how fast you pushed everything through and for all the information you collected on our house. We absolutely love our new home I couldn’t be happier thanks again.  Watertown 
Tiffany and Joshua
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your help in the recent sale of the Condo in Bridgeport.  Your help was invaluable and really appreciated.  You knocked down a lot of obstacles that could have destroyed the sale. Thank you again.
Larry Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker